How does the building/placement application process work?

There is an application that needs to be filled out and submitted to the A&E committee for review and approval. This includes any kind of improvements from piers, new construction, stairs to lake, residing your home, really anything over $100 that happens outside of your home. The A&E committee meets every two weeks so your wait is relatively short to hear a reply. There is no fee through the association. Our approval is then given to the Town of Rome for them to release their permits. The application can be found to the right under the downloads tab.

How do I obtain a guest pass and where are they necessary?

To obtain a guest pass, a member must come and pick it up or they must call it in and say that the guest is coming to pick it up. Guest passes are available in the Association Office and the Pines lounge for pickup. Guest passes are $2 per day and each pass covers a group or one vehicle. Guests must have a pass if not with the member. If you are going to the Chalet you must show the pass to the guard then place it back in the vehicle. If you are going to the club pool you must carry the pass in and show the lifeguard and can then keep it with you. For all other amenities such as lake centers, campground etc. display the pass in your vehicle.

Am I able to remove dead trees from my property?

Yes, the best thing to remember is the 3 “D’s” – Dead, Down, Diseased. Any trees that have fallen need to be cleaned up as to not become a fire hazard. Same thing with dead trees. Please remove them before they fall and present a bigger problem by falling on your neighbor’s property or falling on a structure. With diseased trees, please remove them to help fight the spread of disease to other trees but keep in mind there are only certain times of the year you should be removing diseased trees.